What is your favorite smoked meat?

Thursday, October 4, 2007


For years, Ken has been tasting and perfecting his signature recipes. With the help of his secret ingredients, he has been able to create a taste unique to his own smoker. His dry rubs are the best around, adding that "something" other meats are missing. He knows the perfect blends of spices and flavors needed to make you want more.

His pulled pork and brisket are the talk of the town here in Franklin. Along with these, he has flavorful sauces that accentuate their tastes. His blackberry sauce is sweet and one-of-a-kind, unlike anything else. His other sauce for pork, North Carolina barbeque sauce, is influenced by the real deal. With a vinegar base, the sauce is a little hot but definitely worth the risk. He includes pepper flakes in this untraditional yet delicious sauce. Ken also has smoked chicken legs and wings, which make the best chicken salad. The smokey flavor is distinct and adds a unique twist to an old favorite.

Ken doesn't only smoke meats, though. He also creates his own JalapeƱo Cole Slaw with a slight kick, depending on how strong the batch is. Another favorite is his baked beans, with which he uses a ketchup and brown sugar base. He also includes pieces of pork in the beans sometimes, adding the signature smoked flavor.

With all of these selections, at KW Smokehouse you can't go wrong.


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